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Among Judaica stores, ours specializes

in high quality artistic designs of Star of David Necklaces,

 directly from Studio Barr ,

by Israeli Artist Victor Barr, Jerusalem.

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Stay connected to your religious cultural roots, wear a unique piece of Jewish Jewelry!





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Looking for a unique Jewish gift?

If you have been searching Judaica Stores for unique items, you probably had in mind something original in term of design,

 but at the same time, holding the ancient symbols of our Jewish tradition.

We, at,  judaica jewelry store , are in total agreement with your desire

when it comes to the creation of our original lines.

the inspiration to create Jewelry and gifts comes from an intense dialog

with the living heritage around Jerusalem, be it Archaeological sites,

the Jerusalem museum, the biblical museum Etc.

In his Studio in Jerusalem, Victor works with Gold, Silver, 

gemstones and enamel in different combinations 

to create unique and elegant handcrafted Jewish jewelry just for you.

Most items are offered only on this site and can not be found elsewhere!

For Bar/ Bat Mitzvah gift as well as Graduation gifts you can try our collection of silver and gold unique pendants

depicting many of the Jewish tradition symbols in a most artistic way.

We are proud of our many designs of contemporary Jewish Star Jewelry for men and women

 combining silver, gold and gemstones.

 All our items are gift wrapped free of charge and we offer free shipping for orders of value above $100.


For Any Special Requests or Designs, consult with us! 


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