Multi color Sapphire necklace with an Ancient Genuine Greek hellenistic coin statement necklace



Price: $245

Item Number CH 905

This is a one of a kind necklace featuring a rare Authentic ancient Greek Hellenistic bronze coin from Ptolemaic Kingdom in Egypt , from around 3rd Century BC. Nice Quality coin, much detail can be seen. It is approximately 2200 years old.
The front side depicts the profile of one of the Ptolemaic kings, back side has an image of an eagle . Estimated coin value- around 150$
It is set in a Sterling silver bezel .

The coin pendant is hanging from a Muli color Sapphire 3 mm bead necklace ranging from Champagne and earth colors to pinkish red .
The coin diameter is about 17 mm, and the coin is 3 mm thick.
Necklace length 18" (45cm).